First, understand that ALL my Ayurvedic Living Immersions are essentially Yoga Health Coaching courses.

yoga health coach prescott azAfter years of yoga and ayurvedic studies I completed a yearlong program to become a Yoga Health Coach. You might not think you “need” one? And I didn’t either, but I knew I “wanted” one. The biggest and most challenging investments I’ve ever made were the ones that actually benefited ME? Whew! That’s been a hard one to swallow. Why has it been so much easier to purchase that new bike, new car or purchase that _______ (you fill in the blank). As a Yoga Health Coach I’m here to help you live the life you LOVE. Register for an Ayurvedic Living Immersion or consider Private Coaching. Are you interested in upleveling your habits, but the group ayurvedic living courses aren’t your jam? Or the timeframe just doesn’t work with your schedule? I’ll only be taking 6 private clients in 2016 and as of January 21st, there are 4 spots left so enroll NOW or at least send me an email or register to talk with me over the phone. Let’s create some momentum around how YOU want to feel at the end of the year!

A private yoga health coach might be a fit for you if:

  • your schedule doesn’t align with the Ayurvedic Living Immersions
  • you want/need more individualized attention
  • you realize the cost goes up significantly for private sessions and you are ok with that
  • you understand the power of community in your own evolution, but are more interested in an independent study at this phase of life


Rachel Peters offers Ayurvedic Living Immersions and Yoga Classes. Her immersion courses include EMBODY Ease, THRIVE in Motherhood and EXPAND into Vibrant Living. As a certified Yoga Health Coach, Rachel is dedicated to helping you shift the way you age, by getting lighter in your body, clearer in your mind and experiencing greater ease in your life through habits steeped in yoga and ayurvedic wisdom.

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