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rachel align with easeHi, I’m Rachel!

Your habits shape your health and your future.

What we do today shapes how we feel and how we show up in all areas of our life.

Do you want to get lighter in your body? Clearer in your mind? Thrive in your life?

Most of us wear many hats throughout the day, filling much-needed roles in our day to day lives. Our daily habits need to be rooted and inspired by how we want to show up as parents, spouses, friends, and yoga practitioners on and off our mats. I’ve personally found profound connection, elevated inspiration and anchored approaches to my life with online networks, ayurvedic practices and living more aligned with my deepest values and how I want to live.

Join me as we shift the way we age by getting lighter in our bodies, clearer in our minds and experiencing greater ease in our life through habits steeped in yoga and Ayurveda while living in alignment with nature.

Ayurvedic Living

Ayur = life and Veda = science or knowledge.

Ayurveda is translated to mean the “science of every day living” or “living in alignment with your own truth”.

To me Ayurveda is the merging of daily and seasonal habits that align us with natural rhythms. When we are in alignment with nature we can access a more easeful and healthy way of living that even shifts the way we age. This ancient wisdom is so beautifully applicable in our fast-paced, modern world.  When we are in alignment with nature’s rhythms, we experience more energy and ease. The energy and ease ripples from our bodies into our families, our work and our play. When we feel that good, there’s a boost in our confidence around our own wellness trajectory that leads to a deeper level of fulfillment and overall Ease. Join my 12 Week course ALIGN Life with Ease and experience it for yourself.

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YOGA: Working Overtime

YOGA: Working Overtime

Yoga on the job. Early on in my yoga interest, I found the direct correlation between spending time on my mat and how it influenced the rest of my day. In 1999, I went to my supervisor and requested flexibility around my “lunch hour.” We agreed I would start taking my...

YOGA: A Body of Wisdom

YOGA: A Body of Wisdom

Your body is wise. I know I’m not alone when I say I came to my yoga mat to enhance my physical health. I’ve been an athlete all my life and have always had a desire to move my body in different shapes and forms. I get satisfaction from sore muscles. It’s a reminder...

YOGA: An Inside Job

YOGA: An Inside Job

There are many benefits to having a consistent yoga practice. Even though we may roll out our mat for the physical benefits, it’s common to experience benefits to our mental and emotional state as well as notice how it seeps into our life beyond the sticky mat. Yoga is “union”, and when there is unity, there is peace, vibrancy and connection.

Learn, Study & Practice Yoga

I’m inspired by nature’s rhythms and the gratitude I have for this body. I’ve been teaching public classes, workshops and immersions in Arizona since 2001 and was Certified in Anusara®yoga in 2007 and by the Yoga Alliance as an eRYT500. People say my classes are fun, full of instruction, and while being challenging are inspiring for all level of students.

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