Are you making the best decisions?

Have you ever found yourself simply tired of making decisions?

Ten years ago it wasn’t uncommon I would get home from a full day of work, still needing to figure out my plans for dinner. I didn’t have a habit of meal planning. I’d be tired, but it wasn’t always physical fatigue.

I would feel mentally spent from being on the phone, interactive with co-workers, attending meetings and being available for others all day at work. I would no longer have a capacity for making decisions at home. I had used up that reservoir at the office.

I’d get home and need to rally dinner. I valued eating organic, fresh food then, but still, after a long day of work, I no longer cared what was for dinner. When care drops, quality decreases in this domain. See where I’m going with this? The potential for a hearty soup or a plate of roasted veggies would soon diminish into a quesadilla or a bowl of popcorn.

This is decision fatigue.

I would experience this around moving my body too. If I didn’t automate daily movement whether it was a dog walk or a yoga class and get it into my calendar it was more challenging to “decide” to go after a long day at work. But when I had it in my calendar or had set myself up to meet someone for a hike or a bike ride, it was so much easier.

So the question is, how do we reduce decision fatigue?

The answer is habits. 

Habits aren’t things we decide to do in the moment. They are predetermined actions. Habits are behaviors we have previously decided upon that have become automatic over time. We no longer have to think about it.

Certain key habits automate our behavior so we are no longer using up our limited daily capacity for decision making on things we’re always wanting to do? We then have more mental space to really focus and think about projects and topics that really matter.

Instead of spending this limited resource on what’s for dinner, how we are going to move our breath our body, or even what to wear, we create space to make bigger decisions.

What habits do you want to automate?
What might open up for you as a result?
What’s holding you back?

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Rachel Peters is a mother, wife, teacher, wellness advocate, and lover of wild places. As a certified Yoga Health Coach she offers online and local educational and action-oriented programs for women who are ready to get clear in their minds, light in their bodies and thrive in their lives. She is the founder of the Easeful Living Community and leads yoga workshops and yoga teacher training in the Prescott area. She is dedicated to working with women change the trajectory of their lives in body, mind, and heart in real-time. 

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